Web Design Choices

We understand the importance of having a professional website to promote your business, products or services.

We also understand that you have a choice on how you build that website.

You could choose many of the ‘free’ website building tools that are on the internet. Many customers find these can be difficult to use and the free element is only the build and you have to pay for hosting, domain names and updates. We include all of these in our low costs. Be honest with yourself, do your natural skills and talents include how to build a professional website? Why not use a professional service and get the website your business deserves, quicker and ultimately cheaper than using a ‘free’ website builder.

You could use a family member or friend to build the website. It seems as though everyone has someone they know who builds websites. How experienced are they really? We get more enquiries to finish or remake these types of websites that anything else. Often, it is cheaper and quicker to let us start again. Why waste time waiting for your “brothers mate” to finish a website – we can get you online in days, not weeks. Would you trust an amateur to build a house? Then please don’t let them near your website!

You could use a local website builder. Many website builders do a great job, but they have a number of draw backs. Firstly, they usually want you to write the website content and supply the images. This is where your website will go wrong. The reason you outsourced the website build was because you didn’t have the time or expertise to build it in the first place – and your website will be delayed waiting for you to complete the task. Also, most website designers have very little idea about making the website ‘search engine friendly’. We will write the copy and find high quality images to add to your website. We are famous for our SEO (search engine optimisation) and will build your website with all of the features that search engines like Google require. By all means get a quote from a local website builder and then compare that quote to our prices for a quality, Google friendly, customer converting website.

You could use a national website building company to build your website. However, if you want a personal service and be able to speak with the web designer directly you are not going to get that from a bureaucratic, faceless, national company. Many of these national companies are only using the build of your website as a (high cost to you) “loss leader” so they can sell you their other services. We don’t print telephone directories or have website directories we want to sell to you. We simply sell, build and maintain websites.

Web Design By iWeb-Design

We have deliberately positioned our web design and build service to be the natural choice for small businesses.

We offer the low cost of building your website against using a “free” website building software. A fast and professional service that actually delivers a great looking website compared with a family member or friend.An ‘all done for you’ service (at better cost to you) that a local web designer and a better website, at lower prices with a personal service compared to national companies building websites.

Website Feautures

We have an almost endless supply of features that you can have in your website. Although these will make your website look great they are mainly incorporated in to a website to engage or convert a website visitor to a paying customer.

These look great on a website and our really good for FAQ’s or information on products or services.

If you have different services each can be given a space. The visitor can read the information for that product or service without trawling through the information on the other services or products.


A really great way to showcase your services or products in a simple way for website visitors to understand. For example, if you were a Solicitor you may offer services for ‘Conveyancing’, ‘Wills & Probate’, ‘Family Law’ and ‘Legal Law’ – each service could have an accordion with relevant information on that service. If I am interested in your ‘Family Law’ service I can read more information on that service without wading through the information on the other, less relevant to me, services.

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Alert Boxes

Alert boxes to highlight important messages or for ‘calls to action’ aimed at your potential customers

Audio file in webs deisgn

Audio Files

Audio files of podcasts, interviews or a simple explanation of a product or service are an excellent way of engaging website visitors. Google loves websites that have audio files and so do customers.


Blogs allow you to add fresh content to your website (which Google and website visitors love). This content can be news, advice or guidance about your business or industry that will grow website visitors, build your authority in your market and engage potential customers. We include a blog in every website we build.


Eye catching buttons to direct a website visitor to any page you like. These work exceptionally well as a ‘request a quote’ or ‘contact us now’ call to actions.

Button Bar

Button bars are a great way of giving the customer a choice on where they want to go. They can be used to direct the website visitor to a specific product or page or as a way of choosing their form of contact i.e. “Call Us”, “Email Us” or “Visit Us”.

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Call To Action Bar

A “call to action bar” a simple message with a convenient button to allow the website visitor to take that action.


Add a carousel to your website so visitors can easily scroll through products, services or information easily.

Countdown Timers

Add ‘scarcity’ to offers or a visual, easy to understand deadline with a countdown timer.


(Hover your mouse over me)


Text here will be followed by a button. So make it catchy!

Flip Boxes

Flip boxes are two-sided message boxes that look great on a website and encourage interaction with a website visitor. Great for call to actions

Gallery Of Images

Have a selection of images on your website with ‘captions’. Clicking on an image opens it in a ‘light box’ – brilliant for highlighting products.

Google Maps

Incorporate interactive “Google Maps” anywhere in to your website design. Visitors on a mobile phone can click the map to get ‘turn-by-turn’ directions to your door.


100’s of icons to choose, in any colour, to highlight headlines, images or text in a website.


An picture paints a 1000 words – so we include high quality images in to every website we build. These images can be used to click through to a different page, become larger images or just be eye-catching and beautiful.

  • List Item 1

    Create a bulleted list

  • List Item 2

    That keeps your information organised and easy to read.


Use lists, with or without icons, to fill your website with information that is organised and easy to read and understand.


$0 / month
  • 5
  • 500 MB


$99 / month
  • 1
  • 100 MB

Pricing Table

Create a pricing table co customers can compare what is included and the cost of your services.

Websites Built in 1 Day25%
Websites Built in 1 Week50%
Websites Built in 1 Month96%

Progress Bars

Versatile progress bars that instantly visualise your information. Great for stating customer satisfaction, the percentage of ‘first time repairs’ or any other information you would like to highlight.

e-commerce websites


Easily incorporate products and an online shop utilising the universally popular ‘WooCommerce’

Progress Circles

A further way to visualise data or information you would like to bring attention to.

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Promotion Box

Promotion Boxes are another way to get visitors attention and use a “call to action”

Promotion Boxes

Colourful, yet simple, promotion boxes to gain your visitors attention and utilise a call to action to start contact or the buying process.

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QR Codes

QR codes are ‘barcodes’ that can be programmed to take the visitor to any webpage, video, offer or booking form. They are re-programable and can also be printed off to add to stationary, vehicle livery or any print advertising.

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... and many, many more features

including: text that builds, tables of content, tool tips, testimonials and videos.