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Here are the questions and answers to the most common questions people have regarding a new website

If you do not have a website or are a small business needing a fresh looking website we offer FREE website build that you simply pay a small monthly fee for.

If you would rather not pay a monthly fee, then one of our other packages would be better suited to you.

Our standard websites start with 5 pages and the higher grade websites come with 10 and 20 pages. If you have a need for more pages we can meet your requirements.

We have access to very powerful, fast and reliable hosting. We build all of our websites on this hosting. The lifetime cost of hosting your website is built in to the costs. If you are paying for hosting this can be a saving for your business.

You can have as little or as much involvement with the building of your website as you like. We can produce all of the written words (copy) for the website and will buy the license on high quality images for your website,

How fast your websites loads is an important factor for potential customers. Ever second after the first second on loading will lose 12% of visitors. We add the latest software to all of our websites so they load as fast as the visitors computer will allow.

Having a great website is important, and keeping it safe from ‘hackers’ is vital. We add software to all of our websites to protect them from hackers attempting to steal your website.

Included in the website build is updating all of these softwares to keep your website fast and safe.

How long visitors stay on your website is an important factor for Google when deciding where to rank your website. Having a video on a page will keep people on your website longer.

More importantly a video will help explain to website visitors what your business is all about and start to convert them to “paying customers”.

The simple answer is “Yes”.

If your current website is not a ‘responsive website’ there is a good chance that over 50% of the people that land on your current website are having a poor user experience. Your rankings in Google will also be effected by this.

Our websites look great on all devices, including mobile phones, so users will have a great experience on your website – and be able to easy and clearly understand the information on your website.

Secondly, we will include in your website “call to action” buttons, email capture form and of course a “contact page” so potential customers can get more information on your products and services.

All of these factors should increase customer conversion and grow your company’s revenue.


We have a package with e-commerce (selling products on a website) included.

You can also ‘bolt on’ e-commerce to any of our other packages.

Your business changes from time to time and we can accommodate this.

If you would like to occasionally add services or products we will happily include this in the cost of building a website.

If you have frequent changes to be made we will agree a ‘low cost’ one-off fee per change.

Our customers tell us that compared to their experiences with other website builders – we make the changes fast (typically with 24 hours) and at low cost (typically between £0 and £20 – depending on frequency).

An example would be:

Example 1 – we have a restaurant whose website we look after and they change their menu every 3 months – cost of changes £0
Example 2 – We have a builder that adds ‘before and after images’ about once a month – cost of changes £0
Example 3 – We have a wine distributor that make alterations to about 10 products a month – cost £15 a month

We are based in Bristol, UK. However, we work with businesses all over the United Kingdom and internationally.

If you have any further questions please telephone a member of our sales team who will happily talk through your requirements. 0117 325 5510