A One-Page Website

One-Page Websites – Are they Effective?

It is flattering, I suppose, but more and more we are getting existing web design customers ask us “What else can I buy from you?”. The customer has a “main website” with us, perhaps enjoys top search engine rankings with our SEO service, and they want to dominate the internet further. The next step is local one-page websites aimed at a specific service and geographic location. However, and one-page websites effective?

One-Page Websites – What Are They?

Although from the name they may be self-explanatory, a one-page website has to be built in a completely different way from ‘normal’ multi-page websites.

A one-page website has all of the business information from introduction through to a call to action or contact section all on one page.

These have a few of advantages over other websites:

  • LOOK

    One page websites look stunning. With a scrolling navigation or menu, the visitor can choose a product, service or information and the webpage will scroll to that point on the page.

  • FEEL

    There are very few one-page web designers, and so a visitor coming across a one-page website is rare. It is a new experience for them and one that gives the impression that your business in state-of-the-art and modern.

  • COST

    Even though it is only one page – the same information goes in to the website as a “normal” 5 or 10 page website – just in a different format. We build one-page websites at the same low-cost we build all of our websites.

One-Page Websites – Who Are They For?

They are great for two types of companies.

The first being 1-man bands, who wish to appear as a small company to internet visitors. This simple format makes it easy for people to understand your products or services almost immediately.

The second business one-page websites are great for are larger companies that offer a range of services, but wish to concentrate on promoting one service in one geographical location. For example you may be a large plumbing contractor, that offers all of the services you would expect from a Plumber. Your main website would promote “central heating installation”, “boiler repairs”, bathroom fitting” and say “solar panel installation”. Your one-page website could be aimed at “Emergency Plumbers in Bristol”. A one-page website dedicated to that service in Bristol.

These websites tend to rank well in search engines, like Google, as they are very content rich on the subject matter.